Preserving the environment for the future

Tradies introduced sustainability as a core value in 2012. As part of our commitment to this value, we are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint as well as encouraging and supporting the sustainability efforts of schools, businesses and community groups through our iPromise Grants.
iPromise Grants

The Tradies iPromise Grants provide financial assistance to help schools, community organisations and businesses implement sustainability projects. The Grants are run twice per year and have up to $8,000 available. Our current grant has closed and a new round will open in late January 2019.

From the cafe to the ocean

We don't often give a second thought to the tiny plastic straw in our drinks...but plastic straws wreak havoc in our oceans and cause serious damage to sea creatures. A recent dive at Manly Beach found 200 straws in one morning. That's why we've joined 'The Last Straw' campaign and from the 5th of June, we'll be introducing recyclable paper straws throughout all our venues.

Tradies Caringbah Goes Solar

Tradies Caringbah has joined our Helensburgh club in going solar! The new 40kw system was installed on the roof of Tradies Caringbah in April 2018 and is expected to account for 8 - 12% of the club's electricity usage.

Tradies Joins the Green Building Council of Australia

The Green Building Council of Australia (GCBA) encourages the adoption of sustainable practices in the Australian property industry. In 2003 they launched the Green Star environmental rating system for buildings. Tradies joined the GBCA in August 2016 with a view to achieving Green Star certification in future building projects.