Membership Madness Promotion

The only way to be a winner, is to be a member!

Simply join as a new member, renew your existing membership or refer a friend who joins to be in the running!

**By process of elimination, the 1 suitcase left has $5,000 CASH inside!**

Tradies has been giving away $65,000 in cash & prizes over the course of 2018 and our last draw is coming up on the 20th of December!

On the night of the draw, 3 lucky members will become winners. Two members will win a minor prize each valued at $500. One member will be our major prize winner and open our final suitcase with a $5,000 cash prize! But that’s not the end, they’ll also join our 11 other major prize winners in the draw to win a brand new Toyota Yaris!

The best part? Existing members don’t have to wait until their membership is due to be eligible. Simply bring a friend with you to a Tradies venue and refer them as a new member. You’ll both receive the same number of tickets in the draw, based on the number of membership years.

Tickets cannot be purchased for this promotion. The only way to be a winner, is to be a member!

Congratulations to our all our winners so far!


J Sampedro – $500 Eftpos Card

L Fairbank – $500 endota spa Gift Card

G Coates – $2,000 Travel Voucher


P Langsam – $500 Eftpos Card

N Ross – $500 endota spa Gift Card

W Gilmour – $3,000 Travel Voucher


D Kenny – $500 Eftpos Card

M Patterson – $500 endota spa Gift Card

R Boyestyndall – $5000 Cash


S Wood – $500 Eftpos Card

H Denning – $500 endota spa Gift Card

G Phillipson – $2,000 Travel Voucher


G Tobaji – $500 Eftpos Card

N Marincas – $500 endota spa Gift Card

R Nesevski – $3000 Travel Voucher


K Cook – $500 Endota Spa Gift Card

C Cooper – $500 Eftpos Card

D Walker – $2,000 Cash


G Hajittofi – $500 Eftpos Card

J Jarick – $500 Endota Spa Gift Card

R Thomas – $3,000 Travel Voucher


J Curtis – $500 Eftpos Card

P Young – $500 Endota Spa Gift Card

M Cave – $2,000 Cash


G Stevens – $500 Eftpos Card

P Guthrie – $500 Endota Spa Gift Card

S Cleofe – $3,000 Cash


S Collon – $500 Eftpos Card

D Nesevski – $500 Endota Spa Gift Card

A Jarman – $2,000 Travel Voucher


L McGarry – $500 Eftpos Card

S Lindop – $500 Endota Spa Gift Card

C Cheffirs – $3,000 Cash

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